Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So I mentioned over a month ago that we were planning on building a playhouse for our little girl, well that playhouse turned into a whole "mini backyard" makeover, meanwhile we had a bad few bad storms this summer that landed our sweet little ornamental pear tree near our dinning room window, and water in the basement, so a few minor set backs but here we are! We also decided to build a deck near her playhouse. Our entire house is on a hill, this little 16' back yard is the closest thing we have to anything being level, this is why her house is built up on posts, if you have a flat spot by all means just build it on the ground!

I have had lots of messages on instagram to share the plans for the house, so I am! And Thursday we're throwing a "house warming" party to stay tune for more photos! Including her new door we just added, by far my favorite!

I designed the house and my husband built it, I looked at several playhouse kits online, but for $300 we decided we could build a bigger house than a kit. But if your wanting an easy quick playhouse I suggest this one, and paint it white. But if your up for a bigger project build this one. So this playhouse ended up costing $350. We had a few door fails (door that didn't work due to difficult hinges) that we had to fix + a few trim boards we had to replace.

Here's what you need:
1 4x4 Post (ground rated - green treated if it comes in contact with the ground)
12  2x4 for the framing
5 1x4 for the playhouse floor
4 4'x8' Exterior Sheathing - if you want you can just do OSB Ty-Vek and do siding, but that's way more intense + more money.
2 4'x8' Plywood or OSB - for the roof
2 bundles of Asphalt shingles - or cedar shakes
6 3"x 8' Fiber cement boards (use these for the corners, around the windows, door opening, boxes)
These hinges (I'm telling you they are the easiest, if you have a local hardware store that carries these they are cheaper for a 2 pack)
The door was made with the left over scraps, this is the second version of the door, he built a frame with 2x2 and nailed the exterior Sheathing, then picture framed around & added the "X" it with the scrap fiber cement trim pieces.

Here's the plans, the plan is 4' x 6' foot print:
click on the floor plans to enlarge them

Mini Kitchen- is a wood dresser that was given to us for free, I painted, added hardware, little wood disks for the "burners", we nailed a "backsplash" on the back with the left over plywood, I than covered the plywood with paper that I glued on, added a shelf for her dishes. The sink is a stainless steel dog bowl from the dollar store, I picked up the faucet for free from the ReStore, I painted those with gold spray paint

TIP: Also if you decide to paint the exterior + interior, you'll need 2 gallons of paint, we painted the inside white, so it was a little more "finished". A little tip, OSB soaks up paint easily so if you want to make it easy on yourself put the outside paneling on the inside and paint it.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy 4th of July, or Happy Birthday America!
We are so grateful to live in this country where we are able to have our freedom, so thankful for all those who have and still fight for that!

I just wanted to stop by and let you know about Buglet bug repellent all natural slap wrist bracelets. I was on the hunt for a bug repellent that didn't involve me putting chemical all over my little's skin, and voila, a little google search and this is what I found, Buglet!

It's an all natural oil product, similar to essential oils that you place a few drops of the oils onto the slap wrist bracelet, the bracelet is adjustable for any size of wrist and stay on snug! Super easy, plus this seriously works, no joke, this is 100% my own opinion! I send charlie to daycare where she spends 6+ hours outside, and she hasn't had a single bite, and she leaves it on, it never bothers her.

Okay so enough of the details, but Destination Nursery is giving away 4 bracelets & Buglet is offering 20% off with code CELEBRATE

So go get your kiddos a "buggie" as Charlie calls it!